A Technologist at Heart

"Technical competence is very high grade. Peter knows a vast amount of info regarding any subject asked. He uses techy jargon very well, but also explains his answers in a very understandable way."

- a delegate on a Java EE course, 2 Feb 2011

Technology being my first joy, I’m a practitioner as well as trainer. Part of my time is spent consulting, part doing my own software development and web application support, and part in training. This helps benefit the course as I can bring my own practical experience to bear. I started young, programming an ICL 4-72 mainframe at the age of ten (in the days of punched cards and paper tape), though fortunately I have moved on! My laptop is running Linux (Fedora 16) and I am currently enjoying developing web applications in Java and Clojure.

My passion is communicating new technologies to people. And do I love new technology! I started an ISP in 1994 when the Internet was just starting to take off.

I also have an interest in business. I ran my own Java software development consultancy, working for big companies such as the Financial Times, Orange, and the Royal Mail.

My training experience goes back to 1993, since when I have taught for companies including HP, Sun Microsystems (now Oracle), QA Training and Morgan Stanley.

Encryption, security, PKI, Government Gateway

I enjoy the creativity of open source. I like that I don’t need to jump through licence managment hoops to install a product – just download it and go. Answers to technical problems are often just a google away. And if need be I can always go back to the source code.

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