Our Courses:

Our courses focus mainly on internet application development & application support.

Application Development

We focus on modern programming languages such as Java 7 and Clojure. We also bring in recent development tools like git and Jenkins, as well as the core web languages, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We can provide courses in other languages, including Python, C# and C++.

Internet Applications

In order to run and support these applications, we provide training in Linux and Apache Tomcat.



We have the following Java courses:

Other Courses

We cater to varying levels of experience, and can tailor courses to your needs. For example, with Java we offer: fundamental programming skills; Java for those not experienced in object-oriented development; as well as more advanced courses directed toward, for example, web development and enterprise application development.

If we haven't mentioned a subject you want, it's always worth giving us a call to discuss your needs. We're keen to explore new application development approaches and technologies, and have a number of courses in development.