HTML 5 Intermediate and Advanced

HTML5 enables developers to build cross-device applications like never before. The web is now a platform for applications, and understanding that platform is key to building the applications of the future.

The range of applications is huge. The HTML5 platform supports everything from graphics-intensive applications, to high-quality audio manipulation, to messaging apps, to game development, and even peer-to-peer video conferencing!

This one-day course takes developers through major HTML5 APIs that will be useful regardless of application domain. These focus on messaging and communications, storage, workers, and device and user interaction APIs. Hands- on sessions enable attendees to practice and gain familiarity in using these powerful APIs.


Web developers.


1 day


Experience in developing in JavaScript for the web.


On completion of this course, you will:

  • Have gained familiarity with core HTML5 APIs
  • Appreciate the trade-offs and choices in choosing between APIs
  • Have built a number of example applications on the Web Platform
  • Have had fun!

Course Outline


  • The Web Platform
  • Accessing Documentation
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Messaging & Communications

    • Using Cross-Document Messaging & Channel Messaging
    • Web Sockets
    • Server-Sent Events (SSE) / EventSource
    • XMLHttpRequest (XHR) Level 2
    • WebRTC


    • Using the Application Cache
    • Accessing Files and the File System API
    • Storing Key-Value Pairs in Web Storage
    • IndexedDB
    • Quota management
    • Improving Performance & User Experience with Timing

      • Measuring Client-side Latency
      • Instrumenting Web Apps
      • Getting Performance Data with the Navigation API, Resource and User Timing APIs

      Coping with Different Browsers

      • Browser Support for HTML5
      • Development Approaches: Graceful Degradation; Progressive Enhancement; Feature Detection
      • HTML5 on Mobile Browsers
      • How to Support HTML5 in Older Browsers
      • Styling HTML5 in Older Browsers


      • Using Web Workers

      Device APIs

      • Using Geolocation
      • Improving User Experience with the Network Information API
      • Other device APIs