Hands-on Skills Training for Web App Developers

“Just a fantastic week of training where I was shown the requirements for creating a modern website. I was particularly pleased with the JavaScript and jQuery, and the Transitions section of the CSS course.”

A delegate on a JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3 course, 20 July 2012

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We are a Training Company with more than 25 years experience in teaching courses in Ireland, the UK, India and various other places around the world. We pride ourselves in providing high quality courses which people enjoy and come away from with new and useful skills.

We are excited about new technologies and how to communicate them to others.

Our Courses:

New Meetup Group: Maynooth WebHeads

Next meeting: 24th October at 7pm, venue tbc

Building Web Apps, and Visualising Data - AngularJS and D3

Two talks are planned:

  • a beginner's introduction to building web apps with AngularJS
  • a talk on D3, a data visualisation library that helps bring life to your data